The Level Up Group, LLC is the brain child of our Founder/CEO, Dr. Chiffon Foster. She is often called upon to speak to Executives of Corporations in the boardroom while being a key note speaker at conferences, seminars and workshops. Dr. Foster can be found traveling the breadth and width of the country conducting her own conferences and seminars equipping next generation leaders and those who  have been established in their field of expertise. 

She has over 20 years of successful business experience/consulting and has spent a number of years in Corporate America. She currently works for a global company as a Corporate Trainer. Dr. Foster is a multidimensional and skilled leader who has several successful businesses under her belt. She has an uncanny ability to navigate in a plethora of industries. When asked by others how would they describe our CEO most would say a high level and intense strategist who cares about the success of her clients.